• 8000++
    more than 8,000 employees At present
  • 200Billion
    Annual output value 20 billion
HYCET Technology Co., Ltd

HYCET Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June of 2018, whose business covers four subsidiaries, that is, engine system, transmission system, E-drive system and EPS system. We can provide advanced environmentally friendly system solutions for worldwide customers. The company regards technical innovation as its survival foundation, whose R&D center expands to China (Shanghai, Baoding), Austria, India and other places. We invested nearly one billion Yuan into the development of the four test centers (engine, transmission, E-drive and steering system) and correspondent vehicle test grounds that covers an area of 20000 square meters, which has the capacity in CAE simulation analysis and test calibration for components and vehicle. We adopt international imported advanced automation equipments consistently and obey the production philosophy of flexibility, automation and informatization to conduct a standardized production. The annual capacity of the layouts of Baoding, Xu Shui, Tianjin and Yangzhong can reach one million to meet the needs of customers.

  • HYCET Engine System Co., Ltd

    HYCET Engine System Co.,Ltd

  • HYCET Transmission System Co., Ltd

    HYCET Transmission System Co.,Ltd

  • HYCET E-drive System Co., Ltd

    HYCET E-Drive System Co.,Ltd

  • HYCET EPS System Co., Ltd

    HYCET EPS System Co.,Ltd