HY4G15F Gasoline Engine

Turbocharger, DOHC, MPI Fuel System, Independent Ignition Coil, High Thermal Resistant Exhaust System, Intercooler, Intake VVT, Lightweight, Electric actuator.

HY4N20 Gasoline Engine

Miller Cycle, 350bar Fuel Injection System, Central Injector, E-Water Pump, E-Thermostat, IEM (cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), Variable Displacement Oil Pump, high energy ignition coil, high compression ratio piston, piston with internal cooling channel, low tension piston ring with DLC coating, Twin Scroll Turbocharger.

HY4D20M diesel engine

Forced water cooling, ω-type combustion chamber, 16 valves, DHOC, Hydraulic Lash Adjuster(HLA), Roller Finger Follower(RFF), 2000bar E-controlled HP-CR Fuel System, E-controlled VGT Turbocharger L&HP-EGR, Variable swirl intake Port, LNT + DPF + SCR.

HY4B15A Gasoline Engine

Continuously Variable Valve Lift (CVVL) , 350bar GDI Fuel System, IEM(cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), In-cylinder direct injection, Central Injector, High Transient Response Electronic Controlled Turbocharger, Variable Displacement Oil Pump, Silent Timing Chain System, DVVT, Separate Cooling of Cylinder Block and Head

HY4C20B Gasoline Engine

350bar GDI Fuel System, Twin Scroll Turbocharger with Electric Waste Gate Actuator, IEM(cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), silent timing system, Thermal Management Module, High-efficiency combustion system, DVVT, Double Balance Shaft.