HY4C20B Gasoline Engine

Technical characteristics:

Main technologies:350bar GDI Fuel System, Twin Scroll Turbocharger with Electric Waste Gate Actuator, IEM(cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), silent timing system, Thermal Management Module, High-efficiency combustion system, DVVT, Double Balance Shaft.

Performance upgrade

350bar GDI Fuel System has improved combustion and reduced PN emissions
High pressure injection. Good atomization. Variable aperture jet. Comprehensive atomization is good.
Precise control of the gas mixture by three shots / cycle.
Reduce PN emissions.

Autonomous E-controlled twin scroll turbocharger has improved acceleration response and performance.
The improvement of low end torque and boost air intake efficiency have improved fuel consumption.
Electronically controlled actuator: 0.1s response speed and 0.01mm accurate control to solve the transient response delay.

IEM(integrated exhaust manifold) can reduce warm-up time and emissions.
Utilize waste heat to achieve fast warm up, improve the cold start fuel economy. Reduce exhaust temperature at high load,
reduce fuel injection enrichment, and improve fuel economy at high load.
Compact structure reduces combustion noise.

Silent timing system can greatly improve NVH performance
Silent chain.
Double balance shaft.
Modal design control of the engine and subsystems.

Efficient combustion system to improve fuel economy / Meet China 6b emissions
The intake port is designed asymmetrically, taking into account the tumble ratio and flow coefficient.
Optimize the top surface of the piston, taking into account the drainage, squeezing, and diffusion combustion.
Intake/exhaust VVT, taking into account high / low speed charging efficiency.

Intelligent thermal management module system for fast warm-up and controling water temperature accurately.
Guarantee optimal operating temperature.
Reduce heat loss and friction loss.
Precisely control water temperature, warm up quickly, optimize combustion and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

engine model HY4C20B Displacement 1.967
Turbocharged Turbocharged Cylinder arrangement L
Number of cylinders 4 Compression ratio 9.6:1
Net weight of engine assembly(kg) 153±3(kg) Bore diameter × Stroke (mm) 82.5×92
Length, width and height 614×634.8×696.5 Fuel form gasoline
Fuel grade No less than 92 gasoline. Fuel supply method GDI
Environmental standards CN 6b Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 165/5500
Max Torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 385/1800-3600

Product performance

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