HY4B15A Gasoline Engine

Technical characteristics:

Main technologies:Continuously Variable Valve Lift (CVVL) , 350bar GDI Fuel System, IEM(cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), In-cylinder direct injection, Central Injector, High Transient Response Electronic Controlled Turbocharger, Variable Displacement Oil Pump, Silent Timing Chain System, DVVT, Separate Cooling of Cylinder Block and Head

Performance upgrade

The first domestic independent brand to apply variable valve lift technology to make energy consumption more economical
Realize continuous variable valve lift control of the intake valve to further reduce the pumping loss. Realize flexible control of the intake air to improve the intake characteristics under various working conditions. Under part load operating conditions, fuel consumption can be reduced up to 8.4% through low lift and advancing low lift phasing. This technology is developed and applied for the first time in China. During the development process, a total of 39 patents were declared, including 30 invention patents.

Advanced in cylinder direct injection technology makes combustion more sufficient.
The fuel system uses gasoline direct injection (GDI), and the injector realizes a variable fuel injection pattern (6 injection holes), which makes the fuel and gas mixture more uniform. The dependence of the combustion chamber design and the aerate air flow design is lower. The degree of freedom of the piston design and jet guide design is greater, and the combustion is more stable and sufficient. The application of 350bar high pressure fuel circuit pressure can achieve better fuel atomization and mixing, improve combustion and reduce PN emissions.

Upgrade the exhaust manifold to make it more powerful.
The cylinder head is integrated with the exhaust manifold, which saves some parts and components, reduces development cost, and reduces the weight of the exhaust manifold. The water cooling technology of the exhaust manifold is added. The exhaust port adopts streamlined design to make the transition between adjacent cylinders smoother. Improve the tumble ratio by changing the different contour structures of intake port. By accelerating the three-way catalyst light-off, improves cold-start emissions, narrows the enrichment range of air-fuel ratio, and further reduces fuel consumption.

Unique separate and independent cooling for more stable operation
The cylinder head water jacket is equipped with an integrated exhaust manifold cooling water channel, which can shorten warm-up time; it can effectively reduce knockings; a V-shaped water tank structure is used to reduce the thermal deformation of the poor cooling area of the cylinder block-the nasal area; two thermostats are used for separate control, and the water jacket pressure loss is lower.

Leading intelligent electric control makes boosting more sensitive.
The ECU controls the opening and closing of the wastegate valve to improve the response speed; the compressor adopts a full-blade pressure wheel design with 8 large blades to avoid the noise of the turbocharger BPF; the new high-efficiency turbine design improves the turbine circulation capacity; Optimized matching and DVP verification ensure that the turbocharger is safe and reliable.

Variable oil pump makes energy more efficient
The solenoid valve is used to achieve precise intelligent control of the oil pump. The oil pressure is increased at low speed to meet the requirements. The oil pressure is reduced at high speed, which reduces energy consumption. The variable oil pump reduces the oil pump driving power, which reduces fuel consumption by 2 ~ 3%, the oil consumption is lower.

engine model HY4B15A Displacement 1.999
Intake form Turbocharged Cylinder arrangement L
Number of cylinders 4 Compression ratio 9.6:1
Engine weight(kg) 107 Bore diameter × Stroke (mm) 76×82.6
Length, width and height 622×620×749 Fuel form gasoline
Fuel grade No less than 92 gasoline. Fuel supply method GDI
Environmental standards CN 6b Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 124/5000-5600
Max Torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 285/1400-3000

Product performance

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