HY4D20M diesel engine

Technical characteristics:

Main technologies:Forced water cooling, ω-type combustion chamber, 16 valves, DHOC, Hydraulic Lash Adjuster(HLA), Roller Finger Follower(RFF), 2000bar E-controlled HP-CR Fuel System, E-controlled VGT Turbocharger L&HP-EGR, Variable swirl intake Port, LNT + DPF + SCR.

Performance upgrade

High-performance E-controlled VGT Turbocharger
Improved the turbo lag. Achieved good acceleration response. The turbocharger will be activated from 1000r/min and can reach to peak torque of 400N.m under 1400r/min, and will continue to 2800r/min. Excellent acceleration at start and on the way, minimum fuel consumption rate 205g / kW • h. Boost pressure closed-loop control. The engine operation is smooth.

High-pressure EGR
Hot-end arrangement: Avoiding carbon deposits on the valve. Cooling design: Avoiding heating the intake air. Electric control valve: Precise control of exhaust gas flow. Self-learning strategy: Correct valve opening and exhaust gas flow in real time.

2000bar fuel system
The fuel atomization is good and the combustion is sufficient, which reduced the fuel consumption and PM. Multiple injections can be achieved in each cycle, the combustion process is accurately controlled to improve fuel consumption and emissions.

Variable intake swirl
The swirl ratio can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 1.2. The swirl intensity and flow coefficient can be adjusted in real time according to the needs of the combustion to increase power and improve fuel consumption and emissions.

Balance shaft
The bottom layout makes the structure compact. It is easy to assemble and the engine and vehicle NVH performance is good, which can make the driving more comfortable.

Adopted weight-reduction solutions like 3mm thin-wall cylinder block, aluminum cylinder head and plastic manifold, reduced weight but not quality. While maintaining the same performance and reliability, the engine weight is controlled below 192kg, which improves energy density, specific power 0.625kW / kg, and specific torque 2.1N • m / kg.

engine model HY4D20M Displacement 1.996
Compression ratio 16.2:1 Idle noise (dB) 68
Length, width and height 654×730×818 Engine weight(kg) 190
Ignition sequence 1-3-4-2 Bore diameter × Stroke (mm) 83.1×92
Environmental standards CN 6b Fuel form Vehicle diesel
High performance version max Torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 400/1500-2500 High performance version Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 120/3600
Low performance version max Torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 330/1400-2800 Low performance version Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 110/3600
Full load noise 95

Product performance

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