HY4N20 Gasoline Engine

Technical characteristics:

Main technologies:Miller Cycle, 350bar Fuel Injection System, Central Injector, E-Water Pump, E-Thermostat, IEM (cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold), Variable Displacement Oil Pump, high energy ignition coil, high compression ratio piston, piston with internal cooling channel, low tension piston ring with DLC coating, Twin Scroll Turbocharger.

Performance upgrade

Upgrade fuel system to make combustion more sufficient
It adopts cGDI (overhead gasoline direct injection), variable fuel injection pattern (6 injection holes) injector and 350bar fuel system pressure. Through better fuel atomization and mixing, combustion is improved and PN emissions are reduced.

IEM makes energy consumption more efficient.
The application of IEM makes the structure more compact, reduces the cost. By using the waste gas energy to heat the coolant, accelerates the warm-up speed of cold start, improves the emissions of cold start, and improves the fuel consumption rate under heavy load.

Improve the timing system for greater performance
The fully upgraded timing chain has the characteristics of silent, wear resistance and low friction, which can effectively improve the NVH performance of the engine and reduce the friction loss.
Intelligent thermal management makes the response faster.
Applying the thermal management mode of electronic water pump + electronic thermostat. Through regulating the output power of electronic water pump to control the coolant flow, which can improve the engine warm-up speed, reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The two-stage variable oil pump makes the adjustment smoother.
Variable displacement oil pump can adjust the oil pressure according to the engine speed and load, and realize two-stage adjustment (low pressure mode is adopted below 3000rpm and 19bar).

CAE simulation design makes oil-gas separation more scientific.
The crankcase ventilation system improves the pressure loss and oil drop distribution of oil-gas separation by CAE simulation. The independent design of oil-gas separation under high and low loads ensures the optimal separation effect and improves the oil return area of oil-gas separation system which can ensure good oil return under extreme conditions.
engine model HY4N20 Displacement 1.999
Intake form Turbocharged Cylinder arrangement L
Number of cylinders 4 Compression ratio 12: 1
Engine weight(kg) 127 Bore diameter × Stroke (mm) 82×94.64
Length, width and height 526×674×726 Fuel form gasoline
Fuel grade No less than 92 gasoline Fuel supply method GDI
Environmental standards CN 6b Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 150/6000-6300
Max torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 320/1500-4000

Product performance

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