HY4G15F Gasoline Engine

Technical characteristics:

Main technologies:Turbocharger, DOHC, MPI Fuel System, Independent Ignition Coil, High Thermal Resistant Exhaust System, Intercooler, Intake VVT, Lightweight, Electric actuator.

Performance upgrade

Optimize the performance of injector and make combustion more sufficient.
By using 8-hole injector with large injection pulse width, the mixture of fuel and gas is more uniform. By using 4.5bar rail system, the better atomization and mixing of fuel is realized, the combustion is improved, and the PN emissions are reduced.

Upgrade the electric control system and makes the diagnosis more accurate
The functions of positive crankcase ventilation system monitoring, evaporation system leakage diagnosis, engine cooling system diagnosis and desorption flow pipeline diagnosis are added, and emissions are more accurate.

Improve the temperature resistance of the material to make the performance more powerful.
The exhaust manifold material and turbine housing material were changed from D5S to 1.4837 cast steel. The temperature resistance can reach 980 ℃, and its thermal fatigue strength is good. At the same time, add a stop layer to improve the exhaust temperature and prevent the gasket from being crushed under high temperature.

It has realized intelligent electric control to make pressure boosting more sensitive.
ECU controls the opening and closing of the waste gate to improve the response speed and establish the boost pressure faster; the split electric control intake bypass valve avoids the turbocharger gas leakage noise. Through the optimization of matching and DVP verification, ensures the safety and reliability of the turbocharger.
engine model HY4G15F Displacement 1.497
Intake form Turbocharged Cylinder arrangement L
Number of cylinders 4 Compression ratio 9.3:1
Valve train DOHC Bore diameter × Stroke (mm) 75×84.7
Length, width and height 642.3×614.2×689.1 Fuel form gasoline
Fuel grade No less than 92 gasoline. Fuel supply method Port injection
Environmental standards CN 6b Maximum power / speed (kW / rpm) 110/5600-6000
Max torque / speed(N.m/rpm) 210/1800-4400

Product performance

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