150kW 2 in 1 E-Drive System

Technical characteristics:

•For 2.2t or less pickup, truck and other EV models
•Coaxial design with more compact size and easy to match vehicle layout
•High-strength construction, integrated with motors and drive axle tube
•Hairpin winding with high filling ratio, high-efficiency bearings, less oil, assembly maximum efficiency reaches 93%
•Low harmonic winding and optimal magnetic pole structure, gear coincident degree ≥ 4.0, better NVH performance
Motor peak torque 300Nm Motor peak power 150kW@330~450V
Motor maximum speed 10500rpm Gearbox type Parallel axis coaxial gearbox
Gear 1st Weight 1st190kg
Ratio 10.886 Expandable ratio 8~11
Cooling type Water cooled Function Optional electronic parking、differential lock