Two speed 3-in-1 E-Drive System

Technical characteristics:

•Highly integrated, compact structure, easy to match
•Lightweight design with high torque/weight ratio
•Low harmonic winding and optimal magnetic pole structure, gear coincident degree ≥ 4.0, better NVH performance
•Hairpin winding with high filling ratio, high-efficiency bearings, less oil, assembly maximum efficiency reaches 91%
•Synchronizer type two gear structure, the driving motor of the whole speed section operates in the high efficiency area, which can achieve higher speed
•High efficiency ball screw shift mechanism, high precision speed and torque control, smooth shift, shift time < 500ms

Motor maximum speed 12500rpm Motor peak power 110kW@350V@30s
Gearbox type Parallel axis two speed gearbox Ratio 1st:12.28 / 2nd :5.431
Weight 67.5kg Maximum output torque 2800Nm
Length × width ×height 531mm×392mm×326mm Shift system Shift motor + synchronizer
Cooling type water cooled Design service life 10年 或 300000 公里 10 years or 300000 km

Product performance

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