110kW 3 in 1 E-Drive System

Technical characteristics:

•For A-class EV models
•Highly integrated, compact structure, easy to match vehicle layout
•Lightweight design with high torque/weight ratio
•Low harmonic winding and optimal magnetic pole structure, gear coincident degree ≥ 4.0, better NVH performance
•Hairpin winding with high filling ratio, high-efficiency bearings, less oil, assembly maximum efficiency reaches 92%
•Electronic Parking (Optional) 
Motor maximum speed 12500rpm Motor peak power 130kW@350V@10s
Gearbox type Parallel axis one speed gearbox Ratio 11.37
Expandable ratio 8~12 Weight 65kg
Maximum output torque 2300Nm Length × width ×height 483mm×410mm×288mm
Design service life 10 年或 300000 公里 10 years or 300000 km Function E-parking

Product performance

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